Signalis, a subsidiary of Airbus which specializes in integrated solutions for maritime safety, chose BusinessLine as a vector of its digital transformation within its Customer Service.
The Signalis team provides support 24 hours a day for their marine radars, and must address external customer requests and incidents.

As Signalis has initiated a digital transformation process, the customer support team decided to acquire a solution for all requests to be identified and gathered within a single tool, easily accessible on a PC or a mobile application to both clients and agents.
Signalis wanted a flexible and user-friendly product, able to track all actions, and to ensure a high quality of service.

Reply :
BusinessLine could provide Signalis with:

  • BL2016 software to assist them in their digital transformation, in rapid deployment thanks to SaaS, ensuring a high level of safety in compliance with ISO 27001 standards.
  • Customized support for process modeling through dedicated workshops.

In less than 2 months after the first meeting with Signalis, 5 services have implemented the tool successfully.
The implementation of a SaaS solution allows full access to BL2016 modules with immediate deployment.
The continuous coaching by the BusinessLine consulting teams allows users to handle quickly the tool and to become autonomous, and management to measure the quality of service in a process of continuous improvement and cost optimization.

The future:
Signalis continues its digitalization, and thanks to a multi-channel strategy it will offer to its customers the ability to create requests through the mobile application Bl-App2016.